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Home Automation
Building Management
Energy Efficiency 

At the press of a single button, we can program the system to turn down the lights, close the curtains, turn on the projector and lower the screen all in preparation for a home theatre movie. If you are entertaining, you can set the mood by pressing the Entertainment button and the dining room lights will dim, the garden lights will light up the trees and music will begin to play.

On the spur of the moment you wish to visit your holiday home, so on the way to the airport, just connect to the house turn on the air conditioner and set the house temperature to your desired level or turn on the geyser.

With our controllers, the possibilities are endless and are only limited to our collective imaginations, you can even control your entire house from a hotel room in London.

Expand your creativity and we will make it a reality!


What can be controlled?

  • Air Conditioners

  • Display devices such as TV's, Projectors & LCDs

  • Underfloor Heating

  • Curtains

  • DSTV

  • Audio Products such as Radio, CD & Apple i-Pod/Pad

  • Home Theatre

  • Lights

  • Irrigation

  • Water Features

  • Security Systems

The list is endless and only limited by your imagination. Away from home, residents are able to use a web portal or a mobile phone to tie into all the features of the home. The result is an automated environment, which ultimately allows each resident the time and freedom to enjoy the finer things in life.

Audio General

iHome and Office has aligned itself with top quality audio processors combined with speakers of an equally high standard.

Whether you are watching your favourite action movie in the home theatre room, or relaxing to classical music in your living room, the quality will follow you.

Our Audio products have been chosen for their quality, performance and their ability to integrate seamlessly into a control system.

All the products are designed to be aesthetically pleasing, all ceiling and in-wall speakers can be painted to blend in with their environment.

Video General

At iHome and Office we understand the complexities involved in designing a video display system that is bright, crisp and reliable. It is for this reason that we have aligned our-self with the leaders in the display, projection and screen industries.

We have chosen suppliers that are at the forefront of both LCD and projector technology and are therefore in the unique situation to offer a screen or projector for every need or situation, be it a high ambient lit conference room or a darkened home theatre, there is something for everyone.


Remote Access and Web Diagnostics

For houses that have broadband internet, iHome and Office can make use of this to provide remote support and diagnostics as well as updates and security fixes.

Support and backup

All our home automation solutions are supported by a competent team of technicians should something fail or be damaged a call to our offices will ensure a fast and reliable response to the fault.

All  work carried out by iHome and Office is guaranteed for two year provided the system has not been interfered with by others and it has been used as the manufacturer has specified.

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