Detailed technical drawings are used throughout the project to aid all contractors involved with the project, ensuring correctness and speedy completion. On completion all the designs and technical information is handed over to the client for support and maintenance use.

Venue Design

​With iHome and Office's wealth of experience coupled with a close working relationship with the architect, interior designer, electrical and building contractor and homeowner we will ensure that the home automation solution compliments the design and function of the home. Using AutoCAD or PDF, we will design and position  the layout of the entire system from the placement of video displays, distributed audio speakers and the location of touch panels and keypads keeping in mind the natural flow and movement of people through the house.

All the time ensuring the functions of the automation system is accessible without compromising the design and aesthetics of the home.


Due to the complexities of modern home theatre and automation systems,
iHome and Office makes use of well trained experts in their respective fields thus ensuring that the solution meets industry standards and are of optimal quality.

Each  technician carries out their particular field of expertise to detailed technical drawings and instructions  Our technicians are chosen for their passion and experience in the automation market.

a project manager overseas all stages of  the installation from cable pulling at first fix till fine tuning of video and audio signals at hand over.



Full customer training is given to the entire family (and the other required parties such as butlers, maids, etc) to ensure complete understanding and flawless operation of the entire system.

If required, a detailed help system can be programmed into the touch panels.



It is in the programming that the clients requirements come to life, because each automation system is unique.

A dedicated programmer will customise software and extensively test each automation system to ensure that the clients expectations are exceeded.​

Project Management

We believe that Project Management is the key to delivering a successful project according to the clients requirements. To achieve this, we rely on the three legs of Project Management:

  • Within time

  • Within budget

  • According to set standards and quality

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